The working principle and types of door closers

In our decoration, people pay a lot of attention to the material and type of the door, but few people pay attention that the various functions provided by the door are based on the hinge, and the work of the door is closely related with door hinge.

The hinge is an important tool for connecting the door frame and the door leaf. It plays the role of bearing load and allowing the door to open and close smoothly. Every time the door is opened and closed at home, the hinge is required, and the frequency of use is extremely high. If the quality of the hinge is not good, The door panel will sink, and the inferior hinges will make annoying noises during use, and some even have potential safety hazards.

So, what are the types of hinges?

1. Child and mother hinges
The structure of this hinge is quite special. It consists of two pieces inside and outside, just like a mother and child, so it is called "child-mother hinge". Both the sub-sheet and the mother-sheet have holes, and the door leaf and the door frame can be opened and closed by installing screws.
There is no need to slot, but the load-bearing capacity of the mother and daughter hinge is average, and from the perspective of durability, it is not as durable as the flat hinge.

2. Flat hinge
This is a relatively common hinge. The sheet is divided into left and right pieces. The side of the sheet with three fixed shafts needs to be installed on the door frame, and the side with two fixed shafts is installed on the door leaf.
The flat hinge has a strong load-bearing capacity and is more durable than the parent-child hinge, but because the surface of the flat hinge will have exposed parts after it is installed, it is less aesthetically pleasing to use.

3. Anti-theft hinge
Compared with ordinary hinges, the anti-theft hinge has one-to-one corresponding safety nails and nail holes on the two blades. When the door leaf is in the closed state, the safety nails will be buckled into the safety nail holes. , which can prevent the door leaf from being disassembled after the hinge is damaged, thus playing a role in safety and theft.

4. Three-dimensional adjustable hinge
The three-dimensional adjustable hinge is a hinge with multi-directional adjustment, which is very practical. Its application is very extensive, and we can see its existence on various doors and cabinet doors.
The hidden design can make the combination of the door leaf and the door frame more perfect. There is no exposed part of the hinge after installation, and the appearance is high; if there is an error between the door leaf and the door frame, there is no need to remove the door leaf. Adjusting the door leaf is equivalent to the door gap distance in three directions of the door frame, and repeated installation will not cause damage to the door leaf.
The three-dimensional adjustable hinge has a longer service life, does not rust or fade, and does not have to worry about oil leakage after using it for a long time. In contrast, it is more hygienic and durable.

How to maintain the hinge

1. When there are stains on the hinge, the stains should be wiped off with a soft cloth, and hard materials such as steel balls cannot be used to avoid scratching the hinge.
2. After the hinge has been used for a long time, some lubricants can be added appropriately, which can reduce friction and maintain the flexibility of the door.
In addition to choosing a good door when decorating, the quality of hardware accessories cannot be ignored. Good hardware accessories can make our furniture last longer and make our lives more quality.

Post time: Apr-19-2021