D-63 Single Engine Cylinder Floor Spring

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The Door Spring D-63, the applicable standard is EN1154, the engine cylinder is a single cylinder, the locking speed and closing speed can be adjusted by yourself, we guarantee the service life can reach 500,000 cycles, and we can provide you with 3 years of warranty service. Interested click the button below to send us an inquiry as soon as possible!

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Main Technical Parameters

Performance parameters of D-63
Model D-63
Applicable Standard EN1154
Engine Cylinder Single
Max Door Width 1000mm
Max Door Weight 100kg
Max Open Degree 130°
Stop-Device 90°
Latching Speed Adjustment 0°-20°
Closing Speed Adjustment 20°-90°
Application Temperature  -40° to 60°
Dimension:Length*Width*Height 276mm*108mm*40mm
Material of Cover Plate 304SS or 201SS
Thickness of Cover 1.2mm
Finish SSS/PSS/Matt Black
Service Life Over 500,000cycles
Warranty 3 years

product description

A floor spring is typically concealed under the floor to operate a door which requires to be closed after use, for reasons including convenience, safety or security.



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How does floor spring work?

Floor springs operate using what we call a CAM action mechanism. When the door is opened, regardless of in which direction, the bottom arm, which is fixed to the door, rotates the CAM spindle. This, in turn, rotates the CAM itself. The CAM is connected to the piston and, when it's rotated, pulls the piston head.

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